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INESSS and Quebec International join forces for the inaugural Health Innovation Week

Quebec City, July 4, 2013 – The Institut national d'excellence en santé et en services sociaux (INESSS) and Quebec International are proud to announce their collaboration on various events during the inaugural Health Innovation Week. The organizations will be holding three events in Quebec City on December 3, 4 and 5, 2013: the HTA and Innovative Technologies Forum (organized by INESSS), along with the Quebec City Health Industry Forum and Quebec Seeks Solutions – Health Edition (both organized by Quebec International). Patients and technology users, government actors, clinicians, researchers and healthcare managers, together with representatives of the pharmaceutical, biomedical and IT industries, will be asked to reflect on the best ways to ensure convergence between new technologies and the needs of patients and technology users within our health and social services system.

Tuesday, December 3
HTA AND INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES FORUM – Better Innovation Through Assessment
INESSS will be holding its inaugural HTA and Innovative Technologies Forum under the theme of “Better Innovation Through Assessment.” This event caps off a year of related activity by INESSS’s advisory committee, which represents the various stakeholders concerned. Evaluation is increasingly recognized as an essential step in the introduction of innovative technologies in the health and social services system. How can we respect the pace and conditions of innovation while meeting the requirements of the assessment process? How can we ensure that HTA enhances innovation? This event seeks to bring the issues raised by the committee’s work to a wider audience and to develop potential solutions aimed at benefiting patients and advanced technology users while addressing uncertainties associated with innovation.

Wednesday, December 4
Quebec International will be organizing the seventh annual edition of the Quebec City Health Industry Forum (FISQ) under the theme of “Better Performance Through Innovation.” This essential event brings together key stakeholders in the healthcare field, including scientists, clinicians, professionals, industrialists and network managers. The main goals are to generate real networking opportunities between the participants and to promote high-performance business practices. The Forum provides a solid platform for knowledge transfers and business development. Once again this year, the participants will have opportunities to hear high-level guest speakers and to take part in discussions with expert panels addressing a range of issues, including problems related to the integration of biopharmaceutical technologies, information/communications technology and innovative medical equipment in the healthcare network.

Thursday, December 5
QUEBEC SEEKS SOLUTIONS – HEALTH EDITION – Better Innovation Through Collaboration
Quebec International presents the inaugural health-sector edition of Quebec Seeks Solutions, an open and collaborative innovation initiative that enables participants to leverage their respective expertise to solve a set of real-world problems. Original, creative, productive and results-focused, Quebec Seeks Solutions – Health Edition will be held under the theme of “Better Innovation Through Collaboration” and will look into various cases presented by the Quebec City University Hospital Centre (CHUQ), the province’s leading hospital institution. Reflecting its commitment to making continuous improvements to its practices, CHUQ is an enthusiastic partner in this initiative, which seeks to develop concrete solutions aimed at improving care/service accessibility and quality. This event is an excellent opportunity to meet with experts from outside one’s usual networks and to take a fresh look at various issues.

“For the past seven years, the Quebec City Health Industry Forum has helped foster fruitful dialogue between healthcare stakeholders, scientists and life sciences industry representatives. Thanks to the collaboration established with the INESSS as part of the inaugural Health Innovation Week, as well as to CHUQ’s participation in Quebec Seeks Solutions – Health Edition, we hope to deepen this dialogue and add a new dimension to the process of integrating innovative technologies in the healthcare sector. I take particular pride in the fact that these events are being held in the Quebec City region, which is increasingly becoming a major life sciences hub in Quebec and the entire world,” said Carl Viel, President and CEO of Quebec International.

“By organizing the HTA and Innovative Technologies Forum and developing constructive dialogue with innovation actors in the health and social services sector, we are taking a major step toward carrying out the Institute’s mission of serving as a catalyst for collective efforts to achieve excellence in the care and services provided to Quebecers. This same spirit of collaboration with Quebec International can be seen in our efforts with respect to Health Innovation Week. I am proud of this partnership, which is fostering necessary synergies between industry actors and stakeholders in the health and social services network,” said Dr. Juan Roberto Iglesias, President and Executive Director of the INESSS.

For further information on INESSS/Quebec International events or to sign up for Health Innovation Week activities, please visit www.quebecinternational.ca/innovation-sante. All events can be registered for individually or in packages of two or three events at preferential rates. Reduced rates apply to all registrations completed before September 30th, 2013 as well as to certain clienteles.

INESSS's mission is to promote clinical excellence and the efficient use of resources in the health and social services sector. INESSS assesses in particular, the clinical advantages and the costs of technologies, medications and interventions used in the area of personal health and social services, it issues recommendations concerning their adoption, use and/or coverage by the public health system. For further information, please visit www.inesss.qc.ca/.

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