HTA and Innovative Technologies

A source of hope for many Quebecers, health innovation is an emerging topic that many people are passionate about and that presents a challenge to the sustainability of the health system as well as for the principle of fairness the system is based on. Through its mission, INESSS is directly involved in innovative technologies, but it cannot fulfill its role without the contribution of concerned stakeholders. It is with this in mind that the Institut assembled an advisory committee on HTA and innovative technologies, and since December 2012, committee members have combined their efforts to come to a common understanding of the challenges of introducing innovative technologies and to identify possible solutions to optimize innovation assessment strategies.

This work has led to the inaugural HTA and Innovative Technologies Forum – Better Innovation Through Assessment, held December 3, 2013, in Quebec City. The event invited patients, technology users, government actors, clinicians, researchers, healthcare managers, and representatives from the pharmaceutical, biomedical and information technology industries to join the discussion.

INESSS had joined forces with Québec International (QI) to organize this one-day event. QI has been holding the annual meetings of the Quebec City Health Industry Forum (FISQ) for sevent years, and this year’s edition was more focused on the impact of innovative technologies in the health care system. This collaboration allowed us to offer, in collaboration with QI and CHU de Québec, the first Health Innovation Week of from 3 to 5 December 2013.


INESSS’s mission is to promote clinical excellence and the efficient use of ressources in the health and social services sector. It brings together knowledge and know-how from myriad sources, and helps to rally the parties involved with a view to improving the care and services provided to the public.

At the heart of this mission, INESSS assesses, in particular, the clinical advantages and the costs of technologies, medication and interventions used in health care and social services, in order to issue recommendations concerning their adoption and use. INESSS aims to promote access to innovative care and services, while ensuring that this access remains fair and reasonable for all patients and the population as a whole.

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